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Rental Hydraulic handpump Enerpac P 392, with Digital Gauge

  • 25000 kr

• P392 Hand pump

Enerpac P392 Hand pump
Internal pressure relief valve protects against overloading the pump
Two-speed operation requires fewer handle strokes than single-speed hydraulic hand pumps

First-stage pressure rating of 200 psi and second-stage pressure rating of 10,000 psi
The Enerpac high-pressure, two-speed lightweight hydraulic hand pump is for lifting, bolting, or applying pressure in construction, manufacturing, and maintenance and repair applications. The nylon-covered aluminum base, glass-filled nylon reservoir, and fiberglass handle provide corrosion resistance and are lighter than steel hydraulic hand pumps. The hand pump has a pressure rating of 10,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and an internal pressure relief valve that protects against overloading the pump. The two-speed operation requires up to 78% fewer handle strokes than single-speed hydraulic hand pumps, and the handle locks into place for secure transport. The pump has a 3/8" National Pipe Taper (NPT) threads port for connecting to a hose or gauge (sold separately).

Enerpac Digital Pressure Gauge

Enerpac Digital Pressure Gauges enable system operators to read hydraulic system pressure. They are more accurate than conventional analogue dial gauges, and provide a safe, convenient, and inexpensive means of monitoring hydraulic circuit pressure.
Enerpac Digital Pressure Gauges can deliver years of accurate service under challenging conditions, where vibration, dirt, dust, and corrosive media are present.
• Accuracy of ±0.2% full scale
• Rated for system pressure up to 1380 bar
• Ability to display system pressure in bar, psi, MPa, kg/cm2
• Low battery indicator
• Zero-set capability; ensures that the gauge reads actual system pressure"

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