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Pressure Testing Services

Pro Subsea offers a range of test services from Qualification to recertification / verification of various equipment.

Hydrostatic Testing

Valves of a variety of types and sizes are tested in accordance with API 598, API 527, API 6D, and API 6A specifications. This procedure, which is often the last of a series of tests undertaken before re-painting, verifies the strengths of critical valve components including body, bonnet, ends and seats. Hydrostatic testing also investigates the integrity of the valve’s pressure retention envelope and seat sealing capability when subjected to internal pressures greatly in excess of those likely to be encountered during a normal operational life span. Leakage is measured on a pressure gauge, or recorded automatically with a chart reader device which monitors pressure loss over time. Testing procedures are viewed by camera and these together with results obtained are open to any inspection by customers and independent third parties.

High Pressure Gas Testing

Valves and other components can be tested underwater in gas pressures of up to 1500 bar.
External Leak Detection Tested with tracer gases mix of 99% nitrogen and 1% helium. Using our mass spectrometer, external leakage rates can clearly be detected.

Hyperbaric Testing

Facilitate Hyperbaric Testing Down to 3000 meter water depth sizes up to 2.2 m OD 7.8 m length.