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Rental HPU Power Pack

  • 60000 kr


Parker PGP 315 Flushing & Testing unit.

Power Supply

32 AMP 400 V (11 KW @ 1470 RPM)

Pump media          

Water based, oil based and non-lubricating low viscosity liquids.


21 l/min @ 245 bar

Pump (FP)

Parker PGP 315 pump set the standard for superior performance and reliability in heavy-duty hydraulic application. The three-piece cast-iron construction with large area, low-friction bushings provide strength, high efficiency, and long life in severe operating environments. The design includes an advanced thrust plate and seal configuration, which optimizes performance even in high temperature and low viscosity conditions.

Relief valve

A safety relief valve is fitted and set at 10% above the maximum operating pressure. The bypass from the relief valve piped back to the fluid tank.


Return Filter / Supply Filter

Code: NAS1638 Class 6 / ISO 4406 15/14/12 cleanliness code or better.

Fluid tank

180 liter nominal capacity manufactured from 316 stainless steel with air breather, sight/temperature gauge and lockable filling hatch.


The complete assembly is mounted into a free standing skid frame   manufactured from 316L stainless steel. Fork lift channels are fitted into the base of the skid.

The base of the frame is enclosed to contain any spillage that may occur and a drain outlet is provided.

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