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Rental Hydraulic Power Pack

  • 1.50000 kr


This system is ideal for operating large valves, which require large volume of fluid and few cycles. Typical use is for BOP testing and other valve package testing. A Mob/ Demob fee of 8 000 NOK

The system use Haskell pumps to charge a large accumulator bank. The bank then acts as energy storage.
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The HPU is primary controlled by means of a hydraulic pilot pressure switch (1301). This switch stops the pumps at 210 Barg increasing. When the pressure drops approximately to 179 Barg (the valve deadband, 31 barg), the pumps starts and recharge the accumulator bank.
In auto mode, the filter-regulator (2201) is set at appr. 7 Barg. The ball valve (1705) is closed. Ball valves (1706 and 1707) are open. The hydraulic-pneumatic switch (1301) controls opening and closing of pneumatic control valve (2801), depending of the the hydraulic pilot pressure.
This is the preferable way to control the pneumatic driven pumps, because:
- Air is supplied to the pumps at full pressure and the pumps will run at maximum  speed at all times.
- Pumps will not run continuously.
A secondary control of the pumps will be provided for intermittent use (service or calibration of switch 1301, control valve 2801)
In manual mode, the filter-regulator (2201) is set at appr. 2-3 Barg. The ball valve (1705) is open. Ball valves (item1706 and 1707) are closed. The filter-regulator (2201) is set as required to maintain the working pressure. The pumps will run at a minor pressure drop.
This mode should be used only intermittent, because:
- Air is supplied to the pumps at low pressure, thus pumps will run very slowly (with low  flow).
- Pumps will run almost continuously.



The 6 off 50 litre accumulators are of the piston type.  The bank will supply appr. 105 litres of hydraulic fluid to the system with pressure from 210 to 140 Barg.


To precharge the accumulators, bleed off hydraulic pressure, connect N2 supply via special charging kit to the charging valve on top of each of the accumulators, one at time. Then precharge the accumulators to 140 barg.


To check the N2 precharge pressure, bleed off hydraulic pressure and use the same charging kit (it has a pressure gauge).

Environmental Data:
Maximum ambient temperature:  +23  °C
Minimum ambient temperature:   - 7  °C
Atmosphere:     Salty and Corrosive



Skid Material: 316L
Surface Treatment (steel parts):  NORSOK (topcoat RAL 9200 grey)
Design standard, lifting/lifting sling  DNV RP5


HPU dry weight: 2400  kgs.
HPU operating weight: 2900  kgs.



Reservoir total capacity:   500   Liters
Accumulators Stored capacity:  105   Litres (6 off at 20 degr.C)
Pump flowrate (each of the 2 pumps): 2.0   L/min
System working pressure:   210  Barg
N2 precharge pressure:   140  Barg
Relief valves set point:   232  Barg
N2 Burst disc set point:   270   Barg
Pump stop relay settings:   210  Barg ( increasing)
Pump restart relay settings:  179  Barg ( decreasing, 31 barg deadband)


    • Air Suply 6-7 bar
    • Filter 2 x  6 mikron (2 spare)
    • N2 pre-charge kit


     Operator panel

    • Suply 210 bar Open / Close needle valve           :Supply 9/16" JIC
    • Retur  m/manometer Open / Close needle valve :Supply 9/16" JIC

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