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Rental Subsea Torque Tool 2700 Nm Class 1-4

  • 100 kr

Subsea Torque Tool :
Oceaneering Part Number 323400:
The Torque Tool ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4 transmits torque from a hydraulic motor, through a gearbox and
an end effector, to the valve stem. Reaction forces are transferred to the docking receptacle.
The tool can be mounted onto Flying Lead Orientation Tool, Tool Elevator or be deployed by ROV manipulator. The Torque Tool is equipped with the Turncounter feature, displayed on the RCU Laptop. The End Effector on the tool is spring loaded so latching can be performed without stem square lining up.
Torque Tool Calibration jig Class 4:
Oceaneering Part Number 292640
The Test jig Cl.4 consists of a ISO 13628-8 cl.4 interface body, load cell for cl.4 stem and a read out unit. It’s used to calibrate the Torque Tool ISO 13628-8 Class 1-4. The Torque tool is inserted into the Test jig body, and the load cell transmits torque data to the read out unit to be read.

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