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Pro Subsea Go Green

Posted by Tor-Ole Myhre on

Pro Subsea is proud to have completed a cable bending test with distortions per Cigré 171 in Holland for an offshore windmill park.
What started out as a simple job, reusing our test jig, turned into a race against time to build a new test jig capable of taking 5 times the load (30 tones) and an 8-meter wheel. The job was supervised by Client, Client’s Customer, Cable Producer, DNVGL and Sintef. All eyes were on us and our team performed.
We are happy to say that the test was successful, both from test jig perspective and test specimen. The Building of the jig including engineering and transport took 3 weeks. The test from rig up to finish took 1 week.
With all the gained experience and a rig capable of 50 tones, we now have the calculations and a configurable design to start from call-off within 2 weeks depending on location.

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