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ProLite Sea-Chest Compensator

  • 000 kr

Subsea Accumulator & Compensators is a neglected subject. Through design weight cost and robustness has been increased. The Chamber is engineered for longevity and exposure to various fluids.

The ProLiteseries family of compensators feature lightweight marine grade composite materials that resist degradation and marine growth with a 50 year service life (bladder and fluid selection might alter this).

The compensator was originally developed to be neutral buoyant for attachment to weight sensitive MQC plates. The light weight eases handling and installation in other applications such as trees and manifold. Also reduction in number of parts reduces failures and cost.

The ProLiteseries requires no special coating or surface treatments and requires no electrical continuity strapping.

Application for the ProLiteseries Compensator Accumulators include (not limited to):

  • Fluid Pulsation Damping
  • Fluid Storage / Staged Power
  • Line Shock Absorption (water hammer effect)
  • Thermal Expansion / Contraction Compensation Chamber
  • Blowout Preventer Control System
  • Fluid Transfer Chambers

The ProLiteseries Compensator Accumulators are well suited and fit for service in many industrial applications:

  • Subsea Oil and Gas
  • Topside / Land Based Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing and Construction Facilities
  • Maritime and Shipboard
  • Defense and Civil Industries
  • Agricultural Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Aerospace and Transportation Industries

We offer standard sizes ranging from 10 to 50 liter with options for custom sizing.

Porting / End connections are offered in standard industry sizing with custom fittings available to meet your integration requirements. Bladder materials are offered in several elastomer options such as HNBR, NiBR, EPDM, silicones, and Viton if required. and more…

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