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Project Execution

Project Execution
The Operating Procedure Manuals will ensure quality throughout the process.
The final delivery will contain detailed Operation and maintenance manuals with complete brake down of tools and spare parts where applicable.
Full MRB’s with proper references of certificates towards the BOM will be supplied.
Follow up, fabrication start up review of critical interfaces, review of delivery schedule. Expediting of delivery to ensure delays are contained. Ensure that certificates are marked correctly according to BOM, ensuring completion of the MRB. AS-Built Marked up drawings to be supplied.
Quality Assurance
Pro Subsea plan to deliver the project according to plan at agreed cost and quality.

Health, Safety and Environment
The use of hydraulic fluid requires management of spills and usage of PPE at all times. All fluid will be properly disposed of ensuring limited environmental footprint. Paint used for the job carried out at approved vendors ensuring fresh air filtration to the painter and filtering disposed air for fumes from the paint.
All lifts and pressure test, carried out to our in-house procedures.
Prior to commencement of testing at sub suppliers Pro Subsea will review testing procedures, and hold SJA this will depend on the novelty of the equipment. Small-bore valves from recognized suppliers will not be subject to such reviews, unless otherwise agreed.
Interface Management
As Interface Responsible Contractor, Pro Subsea will establish and maintain an Interface Register. The responsibility includes establishing, maintaining, monitoring, reporting and Change Management to the Register.