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Cigré Extended Tensile Bending Test Eemshaven Netherland

Client: Siem Offshore & J-Power Systems
Involved Parties: Tennet (Operator), DNVGL & SINTEF
Duration: 30.09.2016-28.10.2016

Scope of Work:

Develop a portable test rig capable of 30 tones tension, for an extreme test to Cigré 171. This test was conducted with DNVGL & SINTEF as 3rd party witnesses.
This is a perfect example of what a capable organization can achieve in a short time span.


Pro Subsea was approached on the 20.09.2016 to carry out test at our facilities in Larvik with our existing test jig. Time frame to start test was 3 weeks. Change of location and increased dimensions on the test rig turned this into a race against time.

First the test rig changed from a 6 tones cable rig to a 50 tones test rig, the diameter of the test wheel was increased from 4 meters to 8 meters, resulting in a new build.

Then shipment of the cable to Larvik turned out to be an issue so the test was moved to Eemshaven Holland.

As no concrete floor was available to fastened the rig, a barge was rented to conduct the operation, so all the calculations and tie-down of the test jog had to be redone.

The test was successful, both from test jig perspective and test specimen. The Building of the jig including engineering and transport took 3 weeks. The test from rig up to finish took 1 week. All according to plan.
With the gained experience and a rig capable of 50 tones, we now have the calculations and a configurable design to start from call-off within 2 weeks depending on location.

Key factors in success:

  • Establish open communication with client.
  • Establish a detailed execution plan with distributed tasks and responsibilities. Use Microsoft Project and link it directly to Outlooks task so that every person in the project and externally can report on progress or lack of progress.
  • Establish logistics shipping, transport and develop a design to be transportable. Pro Subsea has models of various trailers and how to transport equipment on them.
  • Be flexible, when client asked us to move test location from Larvik (Norway) to Eemshaven in Holland. Pro Subsea maintained schedule.
  • Be prepared, detailed packing list ensured that we had brought all the tools and backup equipment.
  • Arrive with a crew with the right attitude and certified to lifting equipment.
  • Record lessons learnt, this resulted in a significant improvement of operation.