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Cost efficent and long lasting Seachest

Posted by Tor-Ole Myhre on

Currently Pro Subsea is developing a new light weight and inexpensive Sea-chest Pressure Compensator / Accumulator. This unit is engineered with robust longevity as the precursor to its design, a compensator suited for the rigors of subsea life featuring lightweight materials with a minimum 25 year service life. Featuring an elastomeric bladder constructed of HNBR / HSN directly addressing compatibility requirements of the leading water based hydraulic control fluids that may have contributed to early and frequent failures of operational equipment by less competent accumulator designs. Our new Sea-chest Pressure Compensator / Accumulator maximizes financial investment by ensuring ultra-long service life, lightweight construction providing ease of use in remote operations along with robust marine grade materials that resist marine growth without use of anodes and expensive coating processes. Contact Pro Subsea today to discuss this and other exciting new products. See our in depth elastomer material study relating to long term exposure with water based hydraulic fluids containing amines .

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